Cooling System Repair

Expert Service for Vehicle Cooling Systems in San Rafael

Overheating is a common problem that can be solved by our San Rafael technicians at Neuhaus Service, Inc.. If you’ve observed any of the following symptoms in your vehicle, it may be time for radiator repair:

  • The engine temperature gauge moved into the hot zone while running
  • You can smell coolant from the car’s interior
  • Steam or smoke coming out from under the hood
  • Fluid pools under the vehicle’s radiator

Common Radiator Problems
Here are some of the common maintenance items related to the radiator and connected components in your car or truck:

  • Water pump failure: The pump is what keeps coolant flowing throughout your automobile’s engine. When it fails, the fluid no longer circulates as it should.
  • Thermostat failure: A failed thermostat means that the car’s engine doesn’t know when to open the valve that allows fluid to flow in and out of the radiator.
  • Radiator leaks: Coolant that drips out of the radiator will soon mean low fluid levels and a risk of overheating. Some leaks can be patched.
  • Leaking radiator hoses: Often, leaks are traced back to a cracked or broken hose. This can happen because age, temperature and dry rot commonly take their toll on rubber components.
  • Blockages: Most commonly, blockages occur after collisions, but they can also happen if Japanese objects enter your car’s cooling system and get lodged somewhere.
  • Fan failure: If your vehicle’s radiator fan doesn’t move, it’s either seized up or has a burned-out motor. Without a working fan, your vehicle is at risk of overheating at idle.
  • Air entrainment: When air enters your car’s radiator, the efficiency of fluid flow is reduced. Whenever air bubbles are present, a full cooling system flush is recommended.

Keeping Cars Cool for Over 42 Years
Don’t put off radiator or car heating system repair; instead, call our Neuhaus Service, Inc. shop and let us know what you’re up against. We can be reached at (415) 459-0650.


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